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As the leading electricity distribution company, strive to provide un-interrupted electric supply and quality service to all customers at the minimum possible cost.


  • Achieve and maintain the highest degree of efficiency, reliability and responsiveness as a public service organization for variety of customers.
  • Public and company workers’ safety shall be high on our priority.
  • Retaining and growing our business, staff and customer base will be of primary importance.
  • Developing innovative business relationships both inside and outside our local distribution area will be key to our success.


  • Smooth and consistent flow/supply of electricity.
  • Prompt restoration of disrupted electricity supply.
  • Accurate and timely meter reading and billing.
  • Provision of electricity connection in minimum time.
  • Open door policy to facilitate our customers.
  • Special concessions for quick and timely payment of bill.
  • Availability of stores to deal with emergencies.
  • Feedback through Customer Services Centers.
  • Create awareness amongst employees for adopting safety measures while working on lines.
  • Energy saving message dissemination.
  • Creating positive image of LESCO.
  • Take steps for welfare of company employees.
  • Morale building and to create sense of belonging amongst company employees.
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