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PEPCO Promotion Policy

PEPCO management has been adopted mutatis mutandis the Promotion Policy of the Establishment Division, Government of Pakistan issued vide Office Memorandum No.1/3/2007-CP-II dated. 24 Oct, 2007, for Officers in BPS 17 & above working in Corporatized Entities (DISCOs, GENCOs, & NTDC) and allied Power Wing Head Offices. This Policy shall be effective with immediate effect. The Promotion Policy has been drawn on the revised comprehensive criteria, based on tangible service portfolio comprising the C.R Dossiers, Training(s) evaluations and assessment of the Selection Board for Promotion /Deferment/ Supersession. The criterion is capable to produce Objective Comparison for inter-se performance amongst the officers on the panel of candidates for promotion.

PEPCO Promotion Policy 2009

PEPCO Promotion Policy Guidelines

PEPCO Promotion Policy Annex-A

PEPCO Promotion Policy Annex-B

PEPCO Promotion Policy Annex-C


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