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Planning and Development - Overview

Job Description

  • Processing the applications for New Connections / Reconnections / Load Extensions and Bulk Supply having load of more than 500 KW (Tariff Categories B – 3, B – 4, C – 2 & C – 3)
  • Approval & Design of External Electrification of Housing Schemes
  • Approval & Design of Electrification of Multistory Buildings/Shopping Plazas
  • Preparation of Distribution System Rehabilitation and extension and issuance of work orders there of
  • Inspection of completed work orders
  • Load flow studies of distribution network
  • Technical adjudication of tenders for purchase of material
  • Maintenance of record/data of 11kv feeders
  • Updating database of 11kv feeders
  • Load flow studies on Transmission Lines and design/development plans for Transmission Lines and Grid Stations
  • Inspection of materials procured for works
  • Development of standards and specification for materials/components and systems
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