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General Statement of Function

Under direction from the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Compnay, HR & Admn Director shall be responsible for the recruitment and placement of the "right people to the right jobs" and enhancing their levels of motivation / morale / job satisfaction through:-

a) The provision of the necessary support systems and structures such as an attractive compensation package, a fair and objective system for promotion and career progression, training and development inputs to keep people in pace with the changing demands of their jobs, etc.

b) The creation of a working environment and operationalization of administrative support systems that will promote employee performance and productivity.

Task Elements

More specifically the Human Resources Director shall perform following functions:-

a) A human resource philosophy which shall govern the company’s actions with respect to human resources management.

b) Prepare a Human Resource Plan to support the short and medium-term goals of the company.

c) Develop the policies, guidelines and procedures for the following human resources management concerns:-

  1. Manpower planning / budgeting.
  2. Recruitment and Selection.
  3. Appointment, deployment, re-deployment / transfers.
  4. Compensation and benefits administration.
  5. Career planning and promotions.
  6. Performance management.
  7. Incentives administration.
  8. Training and development.
  9. Grant of Move over
  10. Grant of permission for higher education.
  11. Consider and approve transfer requests.
  12. Sanction leave.
  13. Disciplinary cases upto BPS 1 to 16.
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