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Director General (Admn) / Admn Director Overview

Performance based vibrant organizational culture required realignment of WAPDA’s corporatized entities therefore HR &Admn Directorate of LESCO was re-structured & bifurcated into HR Directorate &Admn Directorate. On the administration side, the Directorate is primarily responsible for Logistic, Transport, Security, Examination Branch, Employee Benefits, Medical Services, General Administration, Cellular service Management, Office Management & School Management. Detailed job description of Admn Staff is preparation and implementation of Capital Items Budget and consolidating the requirements of the various departments and sections. Assists the management in evaluation, selection and negotiation with contractors for providing various third party services as well as monitor the performance of these contractors. Provide adequate security arrangements and monitor opening and closing of offices, safe-custody of keys and duplicate keys. Allocate accommodation in staff housing colonies subject to the vacancy/availability, provide routine and scheduled maintenance including up keep of premises and horticulture to ensure that no major repairs or deterioration occur. Undertake periodic renovation work at staff housing colonies within approved budget through civil Directorate.Undertake repair works relating to plumbing, office furniture, lighting, air conditioning equipment etc. Manage inventory of general consumables, office supplies and stationary. Manage Transport Pool of the company and maintain liaison with the concerned departments for timely payment/renewal of insurance and motor vehicle taxes as well as POL charges. Manage the central record Room(at the head office) and ensure that files are maintained in accordance with the approved policies and documents/records are disposed-off periodically. Ensure that incoming mail is distributed expeditiously and out-going mail is efficiently dispatched via appropriate mechanism.Any other duty assigned by Board of Director(CEO LESCO).

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