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Operation Directorate - Overview

The basic tasks performed by the operation directorate are:

  1. Operation and maintenance of distribution system
  2. Operation and maintenance of sub-transmission and grid systems

The Directorate consists of the following departments:-


The Operation & Maintenance(Transmission and Grid Stations) - O&M(T&Gs) department headed by a Senior Manager is responsible for the electrical network at 132KV and 66KV and has under its purview 67 132KV and 15 66KV Grid Stations and 1515 KMs of 132KV and 628 KMs of 66KV lines. The department carries out its functions in the field through the Superintending Engineer (Grid System Operation) - SE (GSO) by issuing guidelines, schedules and authorization for the preventive and emergency maintenance programmes, and carries out frequent inspection to ensure compliance by the field organization.


The Operation & Maintenance (Distribution) - O&M (Dist) department headed by a Senior Manager, is responsible for the electrical system at 11KV and 400V. The system consists of 879 feeders totaling 20914 KMs of 11KV and 13694 KMs of 400V lines and 45706 distribution transformers. Policy guidelines, schedules and authorization for maintenance of feeders are issued to the 6 operating circles in the field headed by the Superintending Engineers and frequent inspections are carried out to ensure compliance. The department also has a civil engineering division headed by an Executive Engineer for the design, construction and maintenance of all the buildings of LESCO.


The Technical Services Department carries out the testing, calibration and repair of all the energy meters, and also the installation of the maximum demand meters. It is headed by 02 Managers who have 03 distribution circles each as their areas of responsibility.


The Power Distribution Control Department headed by an Executive Engineer has been set up to monitor the entire electrical network of LESCO round the clock. Information about the supply breakdowns, major equipment damages and occurrences of importance is received through telephone and fax from the field and is transmitted to the highest level in LESCO and WAPDA, and then instructions are passed for situation management.


The Safety Department headed by a Deputy Manager ensures that the system is operated in compliance with the statutory provisions regarding safety for the employees and the public. Frequent inspections are carried out and safety parades by the employees are held to ensure that working practices are safe and the employees are adequately trained in safety measures. Every accident occurring to an employee, member of public or animal is investigated meticulously and lessons learnt and disseminated.

In order to update the assets information and to monitor the efficacy of its operation, maintenance and safety policies and programmes related to the entire LESCO electrical network, the following returns are prepared and issued.

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