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Technical Services (M & T) - Overview


M&T organization is one of the most important departments in LESCO, the company revenue depends on accurate functioning of its cash box i.e, energy meter, M&T deals with checking installation, testing and re-calibration of energy meters the importance of M&T can’t be over emphasized. It also attends any fault in metering equipment involving panels, MDI meter, C.Ts, P.Ts or cable and this ensures continuity of supply to consumer using electricity in bulk. The low losses in B-2 & B-3 units of LESCO speaks volumes for efficiency of M&T department. It has dedicated and devoted staff and ready for duty at call at any time. This department also enables operation wing to reutilize defective T&P meters and thus saving a large amount of revenue by repairing these meters.


M&T is responsible for checking, testing and installation of all kinds Of Connections, above 40 Kw which involves MDI meters.

Manager M&T : B-3 & B-4 (Above 500 Kw)

Deputy Manager M&T : A1, A2, B1 & B2 (Above 40 Kw)

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