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  1. Select the nature of complaint from the given list.
  2. Locate the 14-digit reference number on your bill e.g. 02-1514-01169012. Enter the reference number by typing the first two digits, chosing the group of four digits from the list and again typing the last eight digits.
  3. Provide the consumer name and the complaint description in appropriate text boxes as printed on the bill.
  4. Provide meter number as printed on the bill and phone number & e-mail address (optional).
  5. Click the submit button to file your complaint.
  6. The system will generate a ticket number and show it to you along with the expected redressal date for your complaint. Carefully note down the ticket number for all future reference.

Click here to file a complaint.

Checking COmplaint Status

To check the status of your complaint enter the complaint ticket number provided to you by the system at the time of filing the complaint and click the submit button. Click here to check status of a complaint.

Complaint History

  1. To check the complaint history enter your consumer reference number present on your bill and click the submit button. The system will display a summary of all complaints lodged for the provided reference number.
  2. To check the status of a particular complaint, click the Ticket #.

Click here to check your comnplaint history.

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