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To ensure the procurement of best quality and timely supply of store material, the following procedure of prequalification of firms is observed:

  1. The firm is required to apply on prescribed form available from Material Management Directorate, LESCO HQ, on payment of Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred only) which is non-refundable.

  2. All the firms are required to supply the attested photocopies of the following documents along with the application form.

    • Declaration of sole Proprietorship/Partnership Deed, Article of Association, as the case may be,
      Bank certificate regarding financial stability/capacity.
    • Income Tax Registration Certificate with T.I.R./G.I.R. No. and amount of the latest assessment.
    • Attested photostat copies of latest Electricity charges bill with receipt of payment, if WAPDA consumer.
    • Attested photostat copies of letter(s) of registration with other Government/Semi-Government Organization(s).

  3. Additional documents to be submitted by Agents to Foreign Principals:

    Original Agency agreement (alongwith a photostat copy) executed between the applicant firm and its Foreign Principals, duly authenticated as under by the Commercial Attache/Trade Mission of the country concerned in Pakistan:

    “Certified that M/s are bonafide manufacturer of the materials stated in this agreement executed with their Pakistani Agents M/s ”.


  4. “Certified that M/s are the sole exporters from (country) of the material stated in the agreement executed with their Pakistani Agents M/s .
    The said materials are manufactured by M/s in our country”

  5. Additional documents to be submitted by Manufacturers/ Fabricators:

    • Letter of registration of factory under the Factory’s Act.
    • Ownership Deed/Lease Deed if the factory is owned or has been obtained on lease by the firm.
    • Latest receipted treasury challans for payment of excise duty/sales tax into Government treasury.

On receipt of the application, the Prequalification Committee visits the premises of the firm applying for prequalification as manufacturer as new firm or for renewal. While carrying out checking of the firm, the following facts are taken into consideration

  • Space
  • Technical staff (skilled/unskilled)
  • Installed Machinery/Testing Facilities

The firms are required to detail some responsible employee to explain and show the actual manufacturing process. All firms which have necessary manufacturing equipment and testing facilities are prequalified provisionally for one year. After their actual performance, the prequalification is renewed for three years (or lesser period as decided by the Prequalification Committee). The cases of such firms which lack some manufacturing equipment or testing facilities are deferred till they make up the deficiency and request for revisit.

Prequalification of all the firms is renewed after expiry of previous renewal to ensure that they take proper interest for further improvement.


After the prequalification of the firm, the application of the firm for Registration is considered. The Approval or Registration is valid from the date of issue of letter of Registration till the end of the financial year in which the letter of registration is issued irrespective of the period left for operation during that financial year. Renewal of Registration is granted on the year-to-year basis for the duration of each financial year, subject to satisfactory performance of the firm in the previous year.

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