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Procurement of Uniform for Security Staff (with accessories)
Notice No. 1073 
Issue Date 15/10/2010  
Notice Type General 
Last Submission Date 3/11/2010, 10:30:00 AM 
Open Date 3/11/2010, 11:00:00 AM 
Final Negotiation Date  
Last Accepted Rate 0  
Tendering Authority Manager (MM)  
Notice Details
Sealed and super-scribed tenders (against Tender No.1073) are invited from PEPCO / WAPDA / DISCO’s Pre-qualified / Registered manufacturers / Supplier for the year 2010-11, for supply of following material on the rates in local currency (valid for 120-days) without involving any foreign exchange element on the basis of free Delivery to Consignee’s Store (F.C.S basis) LESCO Shalamar, Lahore, as detailed below:-

S#. 1 & 2) Shirt Sky Blue & Trouser Navy Blue = 2,900 Pair
S#. 3) Shoes DMS Leather Black, Rubber (Army Pattern) = 1,450 Pair
S#. 4) Jacket Navy Blue, Made of 210 Rubber Coated Texlon = 1,000 Nos.
S#. 5) Jursy Navy Blue Full sleeves V-Neck (Army Pattern) Flat Knitting Rod Pattern Separate Shoulder = 1,000 Nos.
S#. 6) Beret Cap Maroon (Blazer) = 1,000 Nos.
S#. 7) Cap Badge White Metal (with LESCO monogram under Neath) = 1,000 Nos.
S#. 8) Army Pattern Sheet Embroided Round Shape with LESCO monogram = 1,450 Nos.
S#. 9) Shoulder Title White Metal (Word L.S.F) = 1,000 Nos.
S#. 10) Laneyard Silk, Maroon with small Whistle attached = 1,450 Nos.
S#. 11) Vest half sleves cotton white = 2,900 Nos.
S#. 12) Badges of Rank 3 x Star pipes “Inspector” stars white metal (6-Stars) = 144 Nos.
S#. 13) Badges of Rank “Sergeant” (Three strips maroon color on black back ground) = 117 Nos.
S#. 14) Maroon Belt Black Length 50” Ribs Types without Back hooks = 800 Nos.
S#. 15) Socks Nyloon black, Double knit = 2,900 Pair
S#. 16) Shoulder Cloth for fixing badges of rank of Inspector = 48 Nos.
Additional Items
S#. 17) Kamar Bund (Embroided) = 100 Nos.
S#. 18) Sash(Embroided) = 130 Nos.
S#. 19) Gloves white = 150 Pair
S#. 20) White Anklet = 150 Pair
S#. 21) Scarf (with LESCO insignia) = 100 Nos.
S#. 22) Sticks for stick ordly = 20 Nos.
S#. 23) Toshdan (Army Pattern) = 5 Nos.
S#. 24) Lancer Flag = 6 Nos.
S#. 25) Cross Belt for Inspectors (Brown Leather) = 12 Nos.

Earnest money @2% of the bid is to be attached with tender in form of Bid Bond / CDR / Pay Order. Tenders will be opened publically at above mentioned date and time. The interested firms / bidders may contact Sr. Manager Material Management LESCO Ltd., Lahore for further details and for tender forms costing to Rs.1,000/- (non-refundable) before the tender opening date. Un-registered firms can also participate in the tender with double (4%) earnest money. Sales Tax Registration is mandatory for issuance of tender documents. Above tender quantities can be increased / decreased. All rights reserved by the Chief Executive Officer, LESCO, 22-A, Queens Road, Lahore. For further details see website at or Ph # 042-99204842.

Note:- This tender is also available at PPRA website  

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