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Safety Culture Transformation at LESCO

Employee Health and Safety holds a paramount importance in any organization. At LESCO, it has become a matter of great attention for management.

Chief Executive Officer LESCO, Mr. Wajid Ali Kazmi being a conscious and proactive leader with a vision to inculcate safety culture at all level, is taking vigorous steps to improve the Safety Management system at LESCO.

These steps include strict observance of safety rules & regulations, safety parades and SOPís of safety practices. It is the time to transform safety culture from a reactive to proactive approach.

LESCO Board of Directors is also conscious about the subject matter and recently it has constituted a committee on Health Safety and Environment, to improve safety governance at LESCO.

Development of HSE Directorate is under process. A dedicated and competent team shall monitor and execute safety policies and practices.

Rigorous efforts are being made on Training and development of employees. Training plays a strong role in implementation of systems and bringing positive change. At LESCO, HR Directorate has designed Training Plans on Behavior Based Safety (BBS) and Technical Skills for linemen working across all Sub-Divisions.

An innovative idea has also been introduced by worthy CEO, and that is to utilize the experiences of line staff who got effected/injured or disabled as result of non-fatal accidents, during the execution of their official duties. A group of 45 employees is trained under 2 days comprehensive training program at Regional Training Centre LESCO. Out of these, 19 employees are selected as Safety Mentors and clubbed into 4 teams. These teams are working on mission of Safety Awareness in total 200 plus subdivision. Spirit of the concept is to utilize emotional & psychological experiences of these employees in raising awareness amongst other line staff. This campaign shall run for 20 working days ie 31-10-2016 to 25-11-2016

LESCO management is pretty optimistic about the outcomes of initiatives taken to make LESCO free from injury.